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Self Love For Bloggers – How To Do It All (and still be relatively sane)

Dear Awesome Readers,

If you are anything like me you accumulate a lot of information. Not just the normal everyday stuff from life’s demands and marketing campaigns that bombard us from the moment we venture out the door in the morning, but rather the information you find for yourself through YouTube, blogs and whatever else you need/want to do. It is a delicate balance as a blogger, between reading or watching things because it’s research for our own blog, and watching and reading things just because we enjoy it, which is vital if you want to keep your passion for your blog going, but where do you draw the line? That word balance, it’s an interesting word because we talk about it so often and yet I am convinced true life balance is a complete illusion (for recommendations of people who can explain this better than I can, please see the links at the bottom of this page) I have believed perfect work/life balance was a myth for many years because it’s in the phase perfect work life/balance requires perfection, which is something we as humans are not and there for it is a very unrealistic goal to be chasing.

With that in mind, the tittle of this post claims the content you are reading contains advice on how to juggle life as a blogger. It does. Trust me I am getting to that, but before I give you my tips for managing blogging and life, I first needed to set the scene just so I can give you what I think is the number one most valuable self-loving thing you can do for yourself as a blogger and indeed a person.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, take some time every day just for you. You can’t make your blog as awesome as you want to if you don’t have the energy so take care of you, then you will be on top of your game to take care of your blog or whatever else you need to do.


1. Remember the three C’s

  1. Consistency 
  2. Connections
  3. Cut it down!

Consistently cutting our goals into little tasks will make life a lot less stressful and increase productivity but we were designed for relationship so there will come a point where we can no longer do things on our own.

How does this apply to blogging?

We can consistently create  all the content we want to, but if we don’t network we won’t likely have any readers! Building relationships  is a beautiful necessity.

If you’re blog is your business, then I can understand why you feel like you want to do everything yourself I get it, trust me I do. It is your blog and you want to make it what you want it to be. That is more than fair enough, but if you reach out to other with different skills, and focus on your own strengths you will make some new friends, create a more professional feel on your blog and be less stressed because you have delegated those things you’re not so good at to other people.

2. Mix it up!

Set some time to research how a bunch of different people handle juggling blogging and life, then cherry pick the tips you like, find what works for you and create your own unique schedule that is perfect for you.

3. Preparation is everything

The one thing that everyone needs to do in order to have a schedule that will be productive is plan ahead. There are many ways to do this. Some people schedule their blog posts, others have life management files, others still use calendars, agendas or dairies and then there’s those people like me that do all of the above. Whatever you decide to use to manage your life, make sure you do plan ahead. Knowing you already handled certain things frees up time to do other things and is an excellent stress killer!

4 . See yourself as a whole person and plan accordingly.

If you see yourself as just flesh and bones and forget about taking care of yourself emotionally and psychologically then your body will suffer for this. Make sure before you take on new tasks that you are mentally, emotionally and physically up to the challenge at hand. If not then don’t be afraid to say no. We’ve come full circle, it really is super important to take care of you before you worry about all the demands of life.

5. Keep it simple.

You knew this one was coming, this entire blog is about simplicity after all! The key thing you need to remember when creating a plan to manage your life is how your plan is serving you. A good management plan should be simple, help you be productive and on task to complete your goals and NOT a burden! There is a big difference between being stretched or challenged and feeling overwhelmed or burdened, but that’s a whole other post.

Anyway, I need to follow my  own advice and look after myself and go eat something so I will leave it there.

I hope this helps, see you next post guys!

Love Hayley



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