About Alex and Hayley – The Goals & Mission Of This Site


He’s an artist, she’s a writer, they are a couple.

They started long distance (she’s from South Wales) and now both live in London England.
Together they have created this site with 3 main goals in mind:

1:To appreciate and promote good art, not just their own, but also the art of many other talented people from various industries.
2.To provide industry tips and resource and help their awesome readers find healing and fulfilment through artistic expression.
3.To provide simple and frugal living tips for complex people, because we all know maintaining creative hobbies or careers, ain’t cheap and many artists are often tortured souls, in need of clarity in the midst of their confusion, so they can just get on with creating good, maybe even great art.

All About Alex & Hayley  (By Alex)


Hi I’m Alex, I am an artist and I studied at Ravensbourne College in North Greenwich London. I admire a lot of types of art, ranging from animation, 2D,3D and Game art, to film, comics, graphic novels and television art, especially short animations. I like art that pops with bright colour or has a strong visual eye. Certain types of comic art or anime/manga art do it for me.

In my own time, I draw a great deal, some fan art, some original creations, in the rare moments I’m not drawing, I like to play games on my ps3 or on steam. I watch a lot of youtube videos. My contribution to this site is the art and I supervise the posts that go up as I am Hayley’s business partner and since art is my industry, I know a little more inside information than she does, and together we want to make this site as useful as possible so she is happy to hear me out.

 Hayley is my precious finance, we get on so well together, working together is a great source of inspiration, we amplify each other’s creativity, so as we run the blog together, it’s nice  we have somewhere to channel our thoughts and opinions, and in time this will also be like a little time capsule for us. I always tell Hayley, it’s important to live with a sense of gratitude in life and keep your eyes focused on what you got to do not what anyone else is doing, it keeps you humble so that when you reach your goal’s and aspirations in life, you can keep them. The struggle is necessary it teaches you perseverance.

We are both in touch with our inner child, but also both know how to get things done and do the work that’s needed to reach our goals. Hayley is business minded and more comfortable with uncertainty than I am, but she can also be a little bit of a workaholic. I tend to prefer routine so she encourages me to take risks where needed and I encourage her to settle down. Taking risks is fine, but stability and consistency are important. We are a creative couple, and very happy together and I am sure this will show in the posts we create.

All About Alex & Hayley (By Hayley)

Hi, I’m Hayley, a London-based writer with a background in business, originally from South Wales. I got my start in selling art for a co-operative of artists and have been helping artists work out the business side of being their own boss, ever since.  I am the person you will see the most on this site. Although Alex contributes I still manage both the site and all connected social media.(aside from Alex’s personal links)

One thing you will learn very quickly as you browse my site, is I love boxes. I am pretty much the same person in all of my worlds, but I do like to compartmentalize my life into mini boxes in my head. So you will likely see each section of this site described as a box. I am also going to use this method now.

The Dragon Box:  I am Welsh. I grew up in Newport, South Wales and I am very proud of my Welsh blood. Some of the Welsh stereotypes are true of me, but not all. I do have cultural tendencies, I write poetry, sing and I am  a country girl. I grew up in view of rolling mountains, lush green fields, and rippling brooks.   One key thing that has been a guiding factor all my life is I am a lady at heart.

Since I made the move for Alex, he has very kindly allowed me to use Lambi as our mascot, she reminds me of my life in Wales, my faith and why I created this site. Alex draw’s her and she helps me to communicate the message of each post.

Lambi_welcome BEDM2015

The Prayer Box : I am a woman of  faith and my relationship with God means a lot to me.  I believe that words are rarely necessary to share faith. Your life is the best example you have and people should know more of what you are for than what you are against. There is a time to speak sometimes, but through His word and the indwelling of His Spirt, God will make this clear when He is ready, and even then the platform on which you speak, is just as important as the timing. I doubt this site will be that platform.

The Dressup Box: Like Alex , I love Marvel, D.C, Star Wars, Disney, Anime, Gaming, Jane Austen, Lord Of The Rings and all that kind  of stuff. I love to incorporate elements from my favourites characters costumes into my hair, makeup and outfit choices. It is possible to do this and still look classy and put together. I’ll show you how at some point. Maybe a YouTube Channel is on the horizon? Hmm..

Alex is the most patient person I have ever known, he is so wise and yet humble, he is pretty much always drawing so when he says that is only in rare moments he is not drawing, he means it. Like me, he is a deep thinker, but able to relax and have fun, some would say he does this better than I do. He has a fantastic work  ethic and yet never burns out. He understands me on a level that I didn’t even know existed and I am very happy to be his fiancee. Working with him is always a pleasure, he is very knowledgeable and yet never condescending. He may love Jo Jo’s Bezier Adventure’s a little too much for my liking, but if all I have to complain about as a flaw of his is a show he likes, then that makes me a pretty blessed young lady and I am so grateful to God for bringing Alex into my life. I also really love his art style. He is very precious to me. He is also very talented. Don’t take my word for it, down below is a selection of Alex’s work. He is available for commissions, the link to his page for that is down below.

 Alex’s Deviant Art Profile/Commission Page